African Attire Coloring Book edutains kids and adults alike on traditional attire and diversity of the continent

Kids book, African Attire Coloring Book seeks to showcase traditional attire from 15 tribes across Africa while making children and adults alike aware of the rich diversity of the continent.

The book features 30 drawings of black kid characters proudly adorned in elegant traditional clothing. Each drawing comes with fun descriptions to educate kids of all ages about each attire of the different tribes.

African Attire Coloring Book is the creation of Nigerian animation creator and character designer, Uzoma Dunkwu. The Lagos-based artist came up with the idea for the colouring book to introduce children to the African continent’s cultural diversity.

The self-taught digital artist also runs his own animation studio, Scroll Entertainment, which exists to “curate positive narratives of Africa”.

Uzoma Dunkwu said: “The anticipated impact is to have at least 1,000 families around the world have an opportunity to explore the beauty of African cultural attires through the creative exercise of colouring the clothed characters in the book.

“I am passionate about narrative because I believe it is about time we controlled our narratives. The Western media/entertainment industries have misrepresented Africa for decades and the onus is on us to correct this, by showcasing its beauty and diversity of culture.”

African Attire Coloring Book by Uzoma Dunkwu is available to buy from Amazon, Lulu and other good bookshops.

Scroll Entertainment

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living

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