Mysoda Toby: Sparkling water-maker made from materials including sustainable wood-based biocomposite

Mysoda Toby is the first-ever sparkling water-maker made of sustainable, wood-based biocomposite.

Designed by Finnish company Mysoda, the body of the Toby sparkling water maker consists of sustainable, wood-based biocomposite which is made from almost 100% renewable-based raw materials. Toby comes in three earth-tone colours including pigeon, dove grey, and black.

Toby’s antifreeze nozzle allows the carbonation of very cold water. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen as no electricity is required. Toby is compatible with both 60L and 130L refillable CO2 cylinders.

For those who like making cocktails or like drinking sparkling water, soda made from concentrate is an ecological option: fewer transport emissions and less packaging material.

Founded in 2011, Mysoda aims to provide the world’s most sustainable sparkling water through local production, innovative materials and the recycling of carbon cylinders.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living

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