Changes to Life & Soul Magazine

Life & Soul Magazine will be changing its focus from Sustainable Lifestyle & Living (plus Entertainments) to an Entertainments & Storytelling blog focused on bringing you news, features, profiles, and reviews on storytelling and storytellers of all kinds. So Music; Film & TV; Poetry, Performance & Arts; Games; Books and more.

Since I started this blog, the world has become a different place and sustainable lifestyle and living has become the norm once again. I too have changed, and in recent times have been investing more time and energy into what I’m truly passionate about – entertainments and storytelling.

I will be making changes to this blog soon. All previous posts from Life & Soul Magazine will remain on this blog in the archive so you will still have access to the articles.

I thank you for your support and also welcome you to Life & Soul Magazine in its new form.

Rosa Medea


Life & Soul Magazine

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about entertainments and storytelling of all kinds.

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