7Sketches: Hawaiian artist Derick Fabian “just goes for it” after years attempting to combine art with “something sensible”

Artist Derick Fabian creates character designs inspired by graffiti art, anime, and Sanrio such as Hello Kitty. Everything from “simple and cute to the more detailed and cool style”, the Hawai’i-based artist is not afraid to follow through on what he is intuitively guided.

The 7Sketches founder says: “I illustrate characters. From simple and cute to the more detailed and cool style. I design original characters and do fan art in my style or mashups.”

Among the characters Derick Fabian has created is Rah Rah the Dragon Ninja, an urban samurai who shifts into fire dragon form, and Samurai Panda, a warrior panda, decked out in samurai armour.

Born and raised on Kaua’i and currently residing in Honolulu, Derick Fabian spent years searching for ways to combine his artistic talent with “something more sensible”. During that time, he always found his way back to his passion.

Several years later, a conversation with a counsellor at Kapiʻolani Community College in Honolulu helped Derick Fabian finally “cave in to his passion”. His story is a familiar one for artists and anyone else who has attempted to steer away from their “calling”, it will keep resurfacing until they finally choose their passions and simply go for it. Derick Fabian explains his story in the below video.

“You need to stop being a chicken,” Derick Fabian wishes he could tell his younger self, “and just go for it.”

The artist, who has experienced mental health issues, says pursuing his art has helped his health and wellbeing as it keeps him connected to his true self. In an interview with the University of Hawai’i Alumni Magazine, Derick Fabian said: “When I started getting serious about art and putting myself out there, it seemed to keep the depression at bay. I still go through my ups and downs, but I feel like I’m in a better place because I have something that’s coming from within that I’m putting out into the world and it’s being appreciated by people.”

Today the artist known as 7Sketches displays his work at exhibits, sells it directly to fans at conventions, and participates in community events like Pow Wow Hawai‘i, the Kaka‘ako mural festival.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s ChiefShe writes about entertainments and storytelling of all kinds.

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