Cherry Blossom: An Earth Day Poem by Tiger’s Eye

In a garden full of cherry blossom,
Far, far away from the city of Gotham,
Peace, harmony and possibly a possum,
Take heed of Mother Nature and park your bottom.

Its petals laid down like a carpet,
Like cellulose confetti fresh from the market,
Pink for friendship, it can spark it,
Kickstart a creative project, it helps you target.

The presence of cherry blossoms is a marvel,
Makes the streets come alive with pink sparkle,
A must see sight, gather allies for the carpool,
Take off your shoes and stretch your metatarsals.

Oh cherry blossom, only a short-lived bloom,
See you next Earth Day, maybe in Khartoum,
Our friendship, we shall resume, 
Until then, your memory I shall preserve in perfume.

Tiger’s Eye is a Bard & Storyteller. You can find her sharing her poems at Naturetelling, a website dedicated to the planet featuring stories inspired by Tiger’s Eye’s time spent in the wilds.

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