Learning Resources: Pixar’s free online lessons on storytelling

Pixar has produced some much loved animations over the years and key to their success is a really good story. For Pixar fans and storytellers of all ages, Pixar offers free online lessons on storytelling.

The Art of Storytelling series is available for free through online-education platform Khan Academy. Directors and story artists providing insights into Pixar’s creative process in the series include Pete Docter, director of “Inside Out,” “Up” and “Monsters, Inc.”; Mark Andrews, director and screenwriter of “Brave” and story supervisor on “The Incredibles”; Sanjay Patel, director of “Sanjay’s Super Team” and animator on “Ratatouille,” “Cars” and “Monsters, Inc.”; and Domee Shi, story artist on “Inside Out.”

The online course discusses ways to build worlds and characters, how to make sure your stories reflect your unique perspective, along with other relevant advice. They also include videos, exercises and hands-on activities to guide students from an initial idea to a final storyboard.

The free online classes is part of the Pixar In A Box series, which has been created for kids yet is a useful resource for all ages. Other lessons from the Pixar In A Box collection includes animation, lighting, simulation, colour science, virtual cameras, character modelling, rendering, and sets & staging. Disney funds the Pixar collaboration with Khan Academy.

Khan Academy, founded in 2007 by Bangladeshi-American educator Sal Khan, is a not-for-profit org dedicated to providing free online educational courses, spanning preschool learning, math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, finance, history and more.

Pixar In A Box

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s ChiefShe writes about entertainments and storytelling of all kinds.

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