Poem: Trail by Snail – Naturetelling

The rain drops, earth’s delights climb out of the “woodwork”,

Watch your steps on the tiling, a snail is on the path.

Take a seat on a dry garden chair and watch snail navigate, 

Here to teach a thing or two about persistency and purpose.

Antennas raised like eyebrows, moving trail by snail along, 

Headed for the soil, ready to assist to decompose matter.

Slow yet steady, time has no relevance to the trail,

Taking heed of renewed moisture levels,

Boldly out and about, minding one’s own business.

Reared for a purpose by the mother – bring balance, add nutrients to the soil,

Work the growing medium,

Slivery moves, being thorough is key.

Food for those up on the food chain too, 

To serve, we all shall do,

Glad to be of service, until next lifetime.

Tiger’s Eye is a Bard & StorytellerYou can find her sharing her poems at Naturetellinga website dedicated to the planet featuring stories inspired by Tiger’s Eye’s time spent in the wilds.

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