Artist Spotlight: DIVINEANGEL

DIVINEANGEL are a London-based duo, who with their fusion of afro-rhythms, soul and psychedelic rock, create music and lyrics with the intention to motivate, inspire, heal, unite, and to remind listeners of their truth, their inner truth.

A collaboration between Yoruba-British artist muva of Earth and Asante-British artist, Angel SEKA, the friends describe their sounds as “Afro-futuristic Punk”.

Earlier this year, DIVINEANGEL released their first single OBiNRiN, which means woman in the Yoruba dialect. DIVINEANGEL said: “[OBiNRiN] is an affirmative power chant with the intention to encourage humans based all around the world, particularly those in search of rediscovering their ancestral roots and truths….to stay resilient, to let the past teach and to keep on with affirming a better nation where each individual can feel proud of their origin. We do this by taking action… Today! We all, can manifest the change we hope to see.”

Between them, muva of Earth and Angel SEKA sing in Yoruba, French, Attié & English, an ode to their heritage.

OBiNRin is a message of empowerment that serves to remind listeners to accept yourself and to always be true to you. DIVINEANGEL describe: “The track is a love letter to the divine femininity of the AfriKan – British womb ….. we acknowledge her pain of how it hasn’t always been easy for her to fit in or be accepted by this society – Understanding this, we encourage her to turn this pain into glory!

“This song is here for every rising young girl and boy who is feeling confused and conflicted by the clash of cultures, OBiNRiN is a positive and motivational reminder to always be you and to let the Sun, Earth & Moon guide your inner light.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s ChiefShe writes about entertainments and storytelling of all kinds.

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