Life & Soul Magazine is your guide to sustainable lifestyle and living. We bring you news, features, profiles and reviews on style, health & beauty, wellbeing, homes & design, food & drink, kids, travel, environment, eco-friendly products and more. It is also where you will find news and reviews on music, arts and entertainments.

Life & Soul Magazine aims to inform you of what’s out there that’s sustainable and in that, help you make choices towards living a sustainable life that supports you and your loved ones, the world around you, and this planet.

Life & Soul Magazine is where you will find features on everything from fashion designers creating new yarns and using reclaimed and recycled materials; health and beauty brands championing sustainability; zero waste initiatives; innovative design that breathes new life into old materials; campaigns to help support the oceans; self-build projects supporting sustainability; individuals making a difference; through to eco-spas around the world that work in harmony with the environment; and more.

In addition, Life & Soul Magazine provides you practical advice and information on simple steps to help you live a sustainable life.

Life & Soul Magazine was set up by writer and intuit, Rosa Medea. As well as being a writer, I am also a counsellor providing psychic and intuitive readings, tarot, spiritual life coaching, and relationships guidance to clients worldwide at Rosalindmedea.com

Rosa Medea 
Life & Soul Magazine