What is Samhain, otherwise known as Halloween — ravenhawks’ magazine

Samhain is pronounced sowen, soween, saw-win, saw-vane or sahven, but not sam-hayne. Other names for Samhain include Samhuin, Samain, Saman, Oidhche Shamhna, Hallowe’en, Halloween, Hallows, Hallowtide, Shadow Fest, Allantide, Third Harvest, Harvest Home, Geimredh, Day of the Dead (Feile na Marbh), Feast of the Dead, Spirit Night, Candle Night, November Eve, Nutcrack Night, Ancestor Night […] via Samhain — ravenhawks’ magazine Continue reading What is Samhain, otherwise known as Halloween — ravenhawks’ magazine

Zero Waste Halloween inspiration

Halloween is creeping by. It is one of the most fun of festivities for kids and adults alike, but it also one that generates a huge amount of waste – from the tonnes of food waste, costumes that are thrown out after one use and end up in landfill, to the mountains of cheap plastic accessories and decorations. Last year, 15 million pumpkins were carved in … Continue reading Zero Waste Halloween inspiration

Family-friendly Halloween Movies

With Halloween just a week away and half-term in the UK, what better way to spend some time then watching a family-friendly Halloween movie or two with your kids. Check out this video featuring some of the best family-friendly Halloween movies for ideas and inspiration. Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. Follow Rosa on Twitter. Continue reading Family-friendly Halloween Movies