Herbery Poetry: Oregano — Naturetelling

Bring joy into your life, simply add a pinch of oregano, 12″ ham and funghi porcini, speed dial Pizza Milano, Ran a mile, soothe aching muscles, masage oil to help the blood flow, Burn as incense for courage to do what you got to do to grow, Furry leaves? Cuban oregano, the furrier it gets… Herbery Poetry: Oregano — Naturetelling Continue reading Herbery Poetry: Oregano — Naturetelling

Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling

Tarragon, eases a toothache, Common in France, check by a lake, Anise-taste, harvest at daybreak. Little Dragon known to allies,  Have on hand to hunt down the spies, Take down with fire, no more cries. Carry on your person for luck, Helpful to get out of some muck, Team up with cream, pan fry with… Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling Continue reading Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling