K15 explores the Speed of Life on latest release

North London producer K15 explores the “idea of the sense of urgency that life can have depending on the frame of mind one is in” on his latest release, Speed of Life. The six-track EP, Speed of Life, is a journey of life through the interpretation of the musical genius that is Kieron Ifill aka K15, who encompasses influences such as jazz, jazz funk, broken … Continue reading K15 explores the Speed of Life on latest release

Henry Wu & Banton EP

Henry Wu teams up with fellow South Londoner, Banton, for a five-track EP of broken beat, electric boogie and a flavour that honours early breakbeat pioneers, 4hero. The self-titled, Henry Wu & Banton EP, is a harmonising blend of beats, that has Henry Wu’s imprint clearly pervading through it and Jamal Banton’s house and breakbeat inspirations. Henry Wu & Banton EP is expected to be released … Continue reading Henry Wu & Banton EP