Poem: What a lick of paint can do! — Naturetelling

Make changes to your environment with a lick of paint, Magickal colours protects your space, helps get rid of taint, Spick and span dwellings aids energy flow without constraint, Balance the colour scheme, textiles will do. Dogtooth? How quaint! A clean home equals a clean planet. A real patron saint! The post Poem: What a… Poem: What a lick of paint can do! — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: What a lick of paint can do! — Naturetelling

Poem: Palm Magick — Naturetelling

Palmetto fan, type of palm, Sit under for shade and calm, Sharp fronds, do be careful ma’am,   Protection, add leaf to charm. Absorb carbon, areca will do for you, Indoor palm, spritz as often as you make stew, Helps with clarity, see with fresh eyes – clear view, Admire greenery as you tea for two.… Palm Magick — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Palm Magick — Naturetelling

Poem: Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling

There’s a heatwave in the city, Relax…let go of the gritty,  Convene for garden committee,  Hot tea, cool down, less twitchy, Lay on grass next to the kitty, Shaded by tree, write your ditty, Butterfly passes by, pretty, Hang with best friend, he’s so witty!  The post Summer chillin’ appeared first on Naturetelling. Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling

Poem: Red Velvet — Naturetelling

Cupcake to some, red velvet, Yarrow topped with red helmet. Look closer, stars in their eyes, Mix with herbs, broth for the pies. Blooms for the summer, be quick  Do well in loam, oh so slick. West-facing plant, loves the sun, Aid for courage, helps a tonne. The post Red Velvet appeared first on Naturetelling. Red Velvet — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Red Velvet — Naturetelling

Poem: Gaia-ety — Naturetelling

Come hither spontaneity, Done with homogeneity, Time to embrace inner deity. Grab your bag, let us rock’n’roll, Live and love life with heart and soul, Be on alert, there is a mole. June showers are coming, step out, Wish upon a rainbow, no drought, Clear, cool waters swimeth the trout. Raise your hood, let’s waltz in… Poem: Gaia-ety — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Gaia-ety — Naturetelling

Poem: Know Thy Enemy — Medeacine

You’ve read the stories,Watched the movies,Now take heed of the warning,Of those who can’t stop singing their illusionary glories,Slimy, slippery and a scent like yesterday’s sushi,Face them with your truth, sense them scorning. Egos higher than endless storeys,Bragging about diamonds, pearls and rubies,Psychic vampires….zzzz. Nah, they just goddamn’ boring,Trying to snatch others’ inventories,Can’t pull a […] Poem: Know Thy Enemy — Medeacine Continue reading Poem: Know Thy Enemy — Medeacine

Poem: The Storyteller — Medeacine

Have an idea,Put it into action,1,2,3 steps forward, my dear,Easier than fractions. Gracefully, roll with it,Don’t run it off a cliff,Stop…come back later, candle’s already lit,This is the start of a new hieroglyph. Let go of the rush,This isn’t a hectic newsroom,Express the truth, no hush hush,Less of the Zoom, more of the va-va-voom. Relax […] Poem: The Storyteller — Medeacine Continue reading Poem: The Storyteller — Medeacine

Poem: Praise Be for Wetlands — Medeacine

On the wets of South-West London,Natives returned – voles, geese and otters,Reclaiming the Thames water dungeon,With the assistance of conservation Harry Potters. “Let’s turn it into wetlands”, said the barnacle goose,A native of Svalbard, offering it’s Norsk wisdom.“Yes” agreed the water vole. [Btw it’s not a rat, moose].“Sure,” said the otter. “Easy peasy, it’s no […] Poem: Praise Be for Wetlands — Medeacine Continue reading Poem: Praise Be for Wetlands — Medeacine