Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling

Tarragon, eases a toothache, Common in France, check by a lake, Anise-taste, harvest at daybreak. Little Dragon known to allies,  Have on hand to hunt down the spies, Take down with fire, no more cries. Carry on your person for luck, Helpful to get out of some muck, Team up with cream, pan fry with… Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling Continue reading Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling

Poem: Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling

There’s a heatwave in the city, Relax…let go of the gritty,  Convene for garden committee,  Hot tea, cool down, less twitchy, Lay on grass next to the kitty, Shaded by tree, write your ditty, Butterfly passes by, pretty, Hang with best friend, he’s so witty!  The post Summer chillin’ appeared first on Naturetelling. Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling

Joseph Coelho to “celebrate the power of poetry” in role as Waterstones Children’s Laureate

Performance poet, playwright and children’s author Joseph Coelho will “highlight and celebrate the power of poetry” in his role as the new Waterstones Children’s Laureate. Joseph Coelho was presented with the Laureate medal by outgoing Waterstones Children’s Laureate, Dame Cressida Cowell, at a ceremony held in London. His acclaimed works include his Luna Loves… picture books, his dark series of Fairy Tales Gone Bad, which … Continue reading Joseph Coelho to “celebrate the power of poetry” in role as Waterstones Children’s Laureate

Poem: Gaia-ety — Naturetelling

Come hither spontaneity, Done with homogeneity, Time to embrace inner deity. Grab your bag, let us rock’n’roll, Live and love life with heart and soul, Be on alert, there is a mole. June showers are coming, step out, Wish upon a rainbow, no drought, Clear, cool waters swimeth the trout. Raise your hood, let’s waltz in… Poem: Gaia-ety — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Gaia-ety — Naturetelling

Poem: Transformation — Naturetelling

Forests of cedar and evergreens swathed the land Mountains, plants and streams of water like Switzerland A momentary shift to desert, from soil to sand Life moves in cycles, so trees shall once again stand  Beats from the darbucka, give growth a helping hand  From scorching red-beige to fertile green, no more bland  Oases flourish,… Poem: Transformation — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Transformation — Naturetelling

Poem: Midsummer is on its way! — Naturetelling

Sunny days are here past may Wildflowers are here to stay Queen bee passes by the bay Temps rise, on the grass we lay Arms in the air, catch a ray Reach for the sky, summer play Wild berries, take from the tray Pimm’s o’clock, it’s time to sway  Giggles, can you hear the fae?… Midsummer is on its way! — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Midsummer is on its way! — Naturetelling

Poems: Orange Rose — Naturetelling

Lovers come in search of the rougest of red,The rose of love, passion and fidelity.Friends pick up the petals of the pink ahead,You see the orange, originality.Joy, a zest for life, youthful folly to spread,Walk your path and help others gain clarity,One-and-only orange rose on the rose bed,Why thank you for your gift of sincerity.… Orange Rose — Naturetelling Continue reading Poems: Orange Rose — Naturetelling