Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling

Tarragon, eases a toothache, Common in France, check by a lake, Anise-taste, harvest at daybreak. Little Dragon known to allies,  Have on hand to hunt down the spies, Take down with fire, no more cries. Carry on your person for luck, Helpful to get out of some muck, Team up with cream, pan fry with… Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling Continue reading Herbery Poetry: Tarragon  — Naturetelling

Healing Herbs: Uses for Tarragon

Tarragon is a wonder plant known for many healing properties including its ability to get rid of toothache and as a digestive aid. This aromatic plant, with its slight aniseed taste, has a high concentration of eugenol which acts as a mild anaesthetic. When chewed, tarragon numbs the mouth soothing the discomfort of toothache. It also helps to decrease the sir gums that often occur … Continue reading Healing Herbs: Uses for Tarragon