Herbery Poetry: Coriander — Naturetelling

Share the love, garnish with coriander, “Cilantro” says the US commander, Chew, heal allergy from kitty dander, Gardener’s protection, walk with highlander,  Get out your deck for readings with candor. Endurance, gives you the boost to complete, Grow indoors for peace, sit still in love seat,  Seeds help you connect to self, inward suite, Burrito?… Herbery Poetry: Coriander — Naturetelling Continue reading Herbery Poetry: Coriander — Naturetelling

Poem: Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling

There’s a heatwave in the city, Relax…let go of the gritty,  Convene for garden committee,  Hot tea, cool down, less twitchy, Lay on grass next to the kitty, Shaded by tree, write your ditty, Butterfly passes by, pretty, Hang with best friend, he’s so witty!  The post Summer chillin’ appeared first on Naturetelling. Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling Continue reading Poem: Summer chillin’ — Naturetelling

Cherry Blossom: An Earth Day Poem by Tiger’s Eye

In a garden full of cherry blossom,Far, far away from the city of Gotham,Peace, harmony and possibly a possum,Take heed of Mother Nature and park your bottom. Its petals laid down like a carpet,Like cellulose confetti fresh from the market,Pink for friendship, it can spark it,Kickstart a creative project, it helps you target. The presence of cherry blossoms is a marvel,Makes the streets come alive … Continue reading Cherry Blossom: An Earth Day Poem by Tiger’s Eye